What Is A Web Design And What Is The Role Of A Web Design Professional?


Web design is an area of ​​design that takes care of all the visual communication of a page on the internet, being responsible for the aesthetics of a website and the functionality of the website. In other words, a page, online store, or software needs to be as beautiful as it is functional for users. This ensures greater reliability and a better user experience, increasing your conversion. In addition, web design as seen on comrade digital marketing agency for example needs to convey the brand’s spirit in each piece, aligning with the company’s branding while communicating with the target audience.

As everything on the internet is fast today, web design needs to ensure that users still have the best experience in the shortest possible time to capture their attention.

What is web design?

While web design is an area in graphic design, a web design would be the piece produced by design for some purpose on the internet. You know that art from an Instagram post? Then! This piece is a work of a designer.

The term can also refer to web design because they are similar words, thus being a synonym!

The main function of the designer is to design a website attractively and functionally.

In this way, he takes care of everything from the appearance of a website — its colors, typography, images, elements — to the structure and functioning of the layout.

To perform this primary function, however, this professional needs to perform a series of other adjacent activities, such as:

  • In-depth study of the audience
  • Understanding the customer’s brand
  • Codification
  • Usability understanding
  • Loading speed questions
  • Among other things

In this case, your main objective is to make the visitors who entered the page perform a conversion — it can be to buy a product, subscribe to a plan, register in the newsletter. In short, perform the desired action by the customer with that page.

Web Design: Learn The Role Of A Web Design Professional

Therefore, he needs to align the customer’s wishes, the characteristics of the buyer persona, and his technical knowledge when creating a page to get the best result.

What Does A Web Designer Do?

This is one of those professionals who always have work to do because they can offer different services. Check out what a web designer does:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • E-commerce
  • Applications
  • Platforms
  • Landing page
  • Marketplace

If he wants, he can also use his design knowledge and to create:

  • Arts for social media
  • Email
  • Video thumbnail
  • Presentations
  • between others

Furthermore, a web designer such as comrade digital marketing agency can also work on-site maintenance, implementing improvements to an existing page to optimize the user experience.

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