What Does a Software Developer Actually Do?


Not many of us know what software developers do for businesses, let alone how much they get paid. We took a closer look at the role of the software developer, below.

When it comes to tech roles, the software developer is one of the top tier positions. But what is it that they actually do and how much do they get paid? We explored the role of the software developer in more detail so that all you budding tech enthusiasts know what to expect.

What Does a Software Developer Do?

If you want to re-train in a tech career that’s right for you, the role of the software developer might be your dream job. Let’s talk about what it is they actually do all day to contribute to the business world.

Software developers are the driving force behind new technology. They are the ones currently digitising most of the workforce. They write computer programs, designing them based on fulfilling human wants and needs, or business wants and needs, to further advance the cause. They are skilled in identifying unfulfilled needs and in creating solutions that fulfil those needs. They then continually improve those solutions to make them better, upgrade them, or produce further solutions based on them.

What Qualifications do Software Developers Need?

To work in software development, you need an intimate working knowledge of the programming languages we use to build new software. You require a basic computing degree, and then your chance of finding work improves with each new programming language you learn. You can also consider taking a high-level Programming language DevOps by taking AWS DevOps Course. Some typical languages that a high end software developer is likely to need to study include:

  • Java and Java Script
  • Python
  • C++
  • Scala

There are several types of programming language because each applies to different areas of programming. A software developer might work on system programming, application programming, or embedding software, among other things. All of these are vital for the progress of your business in the digital world.

Where to Find Positions in Software Development in the UK?

If you like the sound of this exciting new career position, then you should consider a role in software dev. To start applying for jobs, you need basic computing qualifications, as well as a specialisation in software design. If you’d like to find work in this area of expertise, you can find current roles by searching for Software Developer Jobs at Hays Tech. You can also use social media to announce that you are looking for work and confirm your skill set. Try advertising yourself through your LinkedIn page to help you find work as a software developer in the UK.

What is the Average Salary of a Software Developer in the UK?

A software developer’s base salary in the UK starts from £22,000. The farther you live from London, the closer you are to that base rate to begin with. The average salary is £31,000, so this is evidence that new developers progress quickly. The average salary increases in London, where you can earn more depending on which language you know. Java, Python, and C++ are the programming languages currently paying most.

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