Types of WordPress Website Design Services


WordPress is a powerful content management system that can be used for a variety of different businesses. From simple blogs to full-blown eCommerce sites, WordPress has you covered. Out of all the types of websites built with a CMS, WordPress seems to have the most options available to customize your site’s design and functionality. This blog post will explore few types of website services you could use when designing your website with WordPress.

The Types

  1. Personal

It is exactly like it sounds. You can use a simple, one-page website to promote yourself and your business (or lack of a business). This site could also be used as an online resume or portfolio if need be. Unfortunately, you will not find this type on the list of WordPress services often because many people prefer to make their blog about themselves instead, which allows them more freedom over what they want their homepage to say.

  1. Standard

This type of wordpress website design is the most basic that you will find. It typically doesn’t have any special features or anything too fancy, but it does offer all the necessary tools to build a successful online presence with WordPress. For example, a standard WordPress site would be perfect for an established business looking to expand its marketing efforts by reaching out on social media platforms and search engines and offering eCommerce services if needed.

  1. Business

It is a step up from the standard website. It offers even more tools to help your business get ahead of your competition, such as blog posts and social media sharing options for every page on your site. This type of design would be great for established companies doing business online already but want a better way to market themselves through WordPress itself.

  1. Parallax

This type of website design is pretty self-explanatory. It uses parallax scrolling to help draw attention and focus towards the site’s content. It can be very effective for companies looking to make their homepage easily accessible and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Parallax websites use many more scripts than other types, which mean they typically take longer to load, but it is worth every second once you see how good your site looks on all devices.

  1. E-Commerce

This website design is perfect for those who need a professional online store to sell their products. This service offers everything you would find on the standard WordPress site with eCommerce added, such as product pages and shopping carts. But it also features many different payment options so your customers can purchase whatever they want using any currency they choose.

  1. Mobile

This type of website is specifically designed to look good on mobile devices. It features a side menu that can be easily accessed when using any smartphone and a responsive design for every page on your site, so none of the text or images are cut off. This type would be perfect if you had an eCommerce business and wanted more people visiting your store regardless of what kind of device they were using.

  1. Landing Page

This type of website is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s a page that you can use to get more information about whatever product or service you are offering and then direct them to other pages on your site after filling out the form in the middle of the page. It would be great for companies looking to collect email addresses from potential customers without giving too much away at first glance.

  1. Brochure

This type of website is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a simple, one-page site that looks just like an old-school brochure you would pick up at any business location, except this one will be able to load fast no matter the device being used.

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