Must I Fix My Old Computer or Purchase a New Computer?


This can be a question that everybody faces between their existence. You’ve had your pc for five year now. You are feeling that the 5 years old computer is outdated, slow, and merely common frustrating. After this you bring your computer for your local repair center simply to hear the total repair cost is equivalent to buying that brand new computer in a major electronics store. What exactly in the event you do? Purchase the new computer right? Not too fast. Allow me to explain why.

That which you don’t understand, would be that the physical computer parts aren’t the need for the pc. So isn’t it about time be wondering what’s. The solution to that real question is the software. Allow me to assist you to understand a bit more.

Real conversation and among my customers:

Me: OK Ma’am we’ve completed the diagnostic on your pc. We’ve determined the motherboard is defective and must be replaced.

Customer: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just how much does it cost to repair?

Me: Materials you’re searching at $175.

Customer: $175 dollars, I saw a brand new computer in a local electronics store for $265.

Me: It will likely be a much better deal that you should have your pc repaired.

Customer: How’s that?

What this customer do not realize may be the new computer does not have the software she needs. On her behalf old computer she’s Microsoft ‘office’ Pro, Illustrator CS5, and she or he aren’t able to find cellular phone disk of these programs. So lets perform a little math. Microsoft ‘office’ Pro 2010 is $300, and Illustrator CS5 is $600. Therefore the customer would need to add $900 to the all inclusive costs from the computer. You cannot transfer programs in one computer to another unless of course it’s exactly the same model, so that’ll be unthinkable. The client would also need to transfer all her data in the old computer towards the new. Data contain files it will save you on your pc(word documents, stand out documents, pictures, music, and videos). Programs would be the applications that you employ to organize and open your computer data(Ms Word, Microsoft Stand out, Photo shop, and etc).

To summarize,

Purchasing a new computer isn’t necessarily the best choice. Firstly you should assess the software in your old computer, and make certain that purchasing new is the perfect option compared to present. Technology changes quickly, as lengthy as the old computer matches your needs, and it is quick enough for your requirements, you need to stick to it. Should you upgrade when technology upgrades, you’ll be investing in a new computer every 6 several weeks.

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