How To Keep Your Pixel Art Game Fresh For Your Users


It can be boring to engage in a coloring game with the same features and content each day. By incorporating a colorful pictures gallery with fresh new pictures and coloring pages, the gamers explore more into the game while having fun.

There are many ways to capture the attention of pixel art game fun every day. From 3D coloring objects to easy and simple gameplay, it’s a guarantee that gamers will stay engaged for hours. The following tips will help you to always keep your pixel art game fresh for your users:

Fresh new features, coloring pages, and artworks

Gamers always want to participate in a new pixel art game challenge daily. You should always ensure that your game has various artworks, including flowers, patterns, animals, unicorns, sweets, and mandalas. Daily update color by number tools, picture gallery, and pixel art camera.

Additionally, you are supposed to resize and increase the number of levels on every coloring page. The stages should be rising in order of difficulty. By doing that, users will have many options to stay engaged. Furthermore, juice up your pixel art game with tons of free beautiful, high-quality pictures. Provide a variety of categories like landmarks, art, nature, and colors. Users will never run out of free options.

Quality of the game

 Quality is vital in every pixel art game. Gamers never engage in poor-quality games for a long time. Try to imagine how the end-user will perceive the game and be consistent in quality as much as you can. Ensure that the coloring game is engaging enough for users to keep coming back every day.

Furthermore, gamers look for quality graphics in every color by number game. They will check the game icon and screenshots; if they meet the required standards, the number of downloads for the pixel art coloring app will be high.

If you are trying to monetize your pixel art game by allowing ads to run through, ensure that you place them in a way that does not annoy the user. For instance, when the game is on, and the ads keep on popping every time, it makes the user lose focus by frequently clicking on them by mistake. Yes, they will earn you a few extra bucks, but the gamers will be frustrated and never use your pixel art app again.

 Use animations in your pixel art game, but you are not supposed to overdo it. You can consider using a lot of subtle animations to boost the overall gaming experience. Additionally, use a unique and catchy sound tone based on what you want to achieve.

Game customization

Allow gamers to modify some features in the pixel art game to suit their taste and preference.  For example, you can offer background customization by enabling users to select their desired appearance. The appearance includes the background color, picture, shape, and pattern. In addition, you can also allow character customization for the gamer to use their preferred ones.

Enable notifications to remind the users about the game

Many people are involved in so many daily activities that are tiresome and exhausting. Distractions come from left, right, and center making it easier to forget about the coloring game. Sending push notifications to users with an enticing message can remind them of playing their favorite pixel art game. But make sure you do not spam users with many notes within a short time.

When you update your pixel art game, give an in-game notification when the player has opened the game. Inform the user of a new feature or content you have recently added to their list of options. There are features you need to update daily, like artworks and color by number pages, to keep your game fresh and develop long-lasting user retention.

 Keep your pixel art resolution consistent.

Have in mind a target game resolution. To achieve a pixel-perfect look, use the standard resolution of 1080 pixels in height. Your pixels should be the same size and sprite. Use a range of 500-1000 pixels for small, easy paintings and 2000-5000 pixels for items that need proper coloring. While keeping the pixels on the screen, make sure that the sizes remain the same. The only exception you can have is when you should scale a sprite for some effect.

Pixel art games that are fresh and engaging daily attract many users and make them have a lot of fun. It is crucial to regularly update your game to provide users with unique and fascinating new features. Considering the above tips, it’s a guarantee that your pixel art game users will have a memorable gaming experience.

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