Guide On Sap Implementation


The sap implementation Report is a method for customizing SAP systems to meet the needs of customers. It is organized hierarchically and is based on the entity framework hierarchy.

The following are the various forms of IMG:

  1. All IMG operations are listed in the SAP Reference IMG, organized by application part, and divided into General Conditions and Enterprise Architecture groups.
  2. The SAP Reference IMG is a component of the Company IMG, containing only the IMG operations of the distributed applications that are to be implemented. Notice that the Enterprise IMG is not available in R/3 Version 4.6A.
  3. The Project IMG is a variant of the Organization IMG (until 4.5B) or the Services. In other words, IMG (from 4.6A) includes IMG activities for the application components used in a Personalizing project.
  4. You can build project views of a Project IMG’s parameters, particularly Release Personalizing (Delta Customizing or Upgrade Customizing).

IMG events can be classified into two categories:

  • Transactions of executable operations

Documentation, descriptions, a maintenance element, and method assignments are all included. Empirical correlations objects in the maintenance object may create configurations, verify them with check programmers, or pass data. The IMG operation documentation outlines the measures that must be taken. IMG tasks can be grouped into projects based on their attributes. You can create a project IMG ASAP by assigning IMG activities to systems (ASAPIMG link). The executing icon in the IMG helps you identify operations with functional transactions.

  • Activities related to the organization

These are just for reporting and do not include maintenance artifacts such as operations that have executable payments.

The IMG tasks, which take you to sap implementation, make the necessary device settings, are at the heart of the technical specification. Both IMG operations have detailed specific procedures recorded in the IMG. In the IMG, you can also keep track of your implementation tasks.

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