A Guide on the Different Types of Internet Connections


A lot of tasks that you perform on the daily depend heavily on the type of internet connection you have. This is due to our increasing dependency on different online sources for both professional and entertainment purposes. How your internet functions depends on a lot of different factors. Your location, the size of your home, and your budget, all play a part in the kind of internet connection you can get for your home.

Internet connection types vary in many aspects, each with its own set of pros and cons that can help you decide which one would work best for you. The right type of connection will ensure that you can seamlessly perform all of your online tasks while staying connected with the rest of the world uninterruptedly.

The speed of your internet depends on the bandwidth, equipment (such as router or modem), the number of users in your home, and any potential viruses that may be getting in the way of your seamless connection.

The following are the four most popular types of connections that you can get for your home, with information to help you make the right decision.


If you’re looking for something fast and reliable, a connection with no interruptions and unlimited high-quality internet, then fiber-optic is the type of connection for you. This is specifically for people who don’t mind paying a good amount of money and want a stable internet connection regardless of price.

Fiber-optic connections work by transmitting data via strands of fiber or glass, which are laid underground and provide high-quality internet to that particular area. This makes the connection a bit difficult to come by in all areas since laying down this connection requires a very specific infrastructure that cannot be done everywhere. If this connection is available in your area and you can afford to get it, then it certainly is the way to go.


This may be a slight step down from fiber-optic, but is still one of the best connections out there. Cable is reliable, fast and cheap, and is available pretty much everywhere. This type of connection can even be found in bundles with other services in TV and phone packages, which makes it even more affordable, and you can contact RCN customer service for more information. You will be offered a variety of different speeds and data packages, and getting an unlimited data package with this type of connection is more than affordable for any homeowner.


Being the third on this list, this is another step down from cable, due to the technology not being as popular in the present day. For a DSL connection, you need a reliable phone line. This type of connection is affordable, but not as fast as fiber-optic or cable, due to a lot of different factors affecting a landline connection. Any calls that are made will interrupt the connection, as will the quality of the connection that has been laid down in your area since most of them are quite old and need to be replaced, which can cost a lot.


While this type of connection is available all over the world, it is certainly not the most reliable. Satellite connections are made directly through a satellite orbiting with the earth, which makes this type of connection quite slow and unreliable due to the distance. However, this type of connection can be quite helpful as well, since it can be accessed in rural areas where no other type of connection can be laid down.


A bad internet connection can lead to frustration, missed deadlines and an overall decrease in your productivity. This is why it is important to make sure you have the absolute best type of internet connection according to where you live because this will ensure that you never have to compromise on the quality of your work. A good internet connection will allow you to stream with ease, play whichever games you want for however long you wish, and let you have an overall decent online experience, which is a necessity due to how much of their day people now tend to spend online.

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