3 Important Google Workspace Tools to help Businesses


If you’re looking to increase productivity and take your outdated organisation into the modern world, it’s time to look into G Suite. G Suite gives your entire company access to a variety of Google Workspace applications and gives each of your employees a Gmail email address. From shared calendars to video conferencing tools, G Suite is your one-stop-shop for all of your business-related needs. Even better, you have hardly any maintenance to do when it comes to each of the platforms as Google handles everything for you! If it sounds like G Suite could help your organisation, keep reading on to find out the top 3 important Google Workspace tips to help your business.

Google Meet

Most of the world became very acquainted with video conferencing platforms in the wake of Covid-19. While these platforms have been around for years, they rapidly increased in popularity during the thick of the pandemic to keep businesses and employees in touch. Video conferencing is much more personal than a phone call, and lets you have virtual meetings without having to step foot in the office.

What most companies now know is that video conferencing is expensive. While needing to connect with businesses and teams via video is a much-needed part of running a successful business in 2022, companies were forced to invest in expensive software without knowing what their options are. That’s where Google Meet comes in! With G Suite, Google Meet is a provided application that lets you connect with your employees and outside businesses via video conferencing. The meetings are encrypted in transit and can work perfectly for one on one meetings or meetings with 30+ employees.

Google Sheets

There is nothing more painful than sending an excel document back and forth when trying to input data. Errors happen, everyone seems to be working off of a different version and it’s just an overall headache. With Google Sheets, your employees can edit every sheet in real-time, making it perfect for files that need to be worked on collectively. You can view previous versions of the sheet, making it easy to spot where mistakes were made or when new information was input. A dream for companies sick of using email and Excel!

Google Drive

When working on a project with your team, sending various documents back and forth can be messy and inefficient. With Google Drive, your team can work with shared folders that make storing all of your critical information easy and effective. You can choose to share your Drives with certain people, make it private or public to anyone. With G Suite, you are in charge.

Improve Your Business with Google Workspace Tips Today

If you’re ready to improve your business with pre-existing and easy to use applications through the use of G Suite? Get started today and look at these easy to follow G Suite Tools for everything you need to know.

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